My Italy Trip: Part #1

Hey there! So you’re new to my site huh! Ok lets get started with Italy, my beautuiful country… Last year I joined a tour to wander around Italy and here’s my notes about places that I visited. Enjoy!

Tour Summary

The cities of Italy were ever cauldrons into which went all the ingredients that produced much of what is attractive and civilized in the world today. This itinerary provides the occasion for either an eagerly awaited “ return visit” or an introduction and invitation to come again. To learn more about Italy check this wikipedia page

Day 1 – Rome

Arrive Rome Leonardo da Vinci Airport to be met and escorted to the awaiting coach for transfer to the hotel. On the way we shall enjoy an orientation tour of some of the principal sights of the city. This will terminate on top of the Gianicolo Hill with the wonderful view of the Eternal City stretched out at our feet below.

After checking into the hotel the rest of the day is at leisure to relax.
Dinner provided either at the hotel or in local restaurant.



Day 2 – Rome

After breakfast there will be a guided tour of Rome’s most famous sites; Piazza della Repubblica with a view of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, then down to Piazza Venezia with the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Via dei Fori Imperiali flanked by the Roman and Imperial Forums, the Colosseum – one of antiquity’s greatest monuments – the Arch of Constantine – the emperor that first granted Christians freedom to worship in public -, and the impressive expanse of the Circus Maximus set between the Palatine and Aventine Hills.

The tour terminates at the Pantheon, the most significant and best preserved of Ancient Rome’s monuments.

The afternoon is at leisure for independent sightseeing and/or shopping. Lunch and dinner are under own arrangements with a chance to try one of Rome’s inviting restaurants and “trattorias”.

Day 3 – Rome

The guided tour this morning takes us to one of the world’s leading art collections, the Vatican Museums. We will see the Loggia del Belvedere with the statues of the classical period, the Galleries of Candelabra, Tapestries and Geographical Maps, the “Stanze” – the rooms frescoed by Raphael for Pope Julius II – and Michelangelo’s glorious masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel recently restored to their original splendour.

The tour terminates in St. Peter’s Basilica, Christianity’s greatest temple where, amongst other great art masterpieces, we will be able to admire Michelangelo’s moving statue of the Pieta’.

The afternoon is again at leisure for independent activities. Lunch and dinner are under own arrangements.


Day 4 – Rome – Florence

We leave Rome right after breakfast and after a quick journey northwards on the main Motorway that runs the length of the Peninsula we reach Florence by lunchtime.

After settling into the hotel the afternoon is at leisure to rather get our bearings or renew our acquaintance with the city. There would be time for an independent visit to the famous Uffizi Gallery, the fabulous art collection amassed by the wealthy and powerful Medici Family, which is usually open till 7.00 p.m The afternoon is ordinarily the best time to visit it after the first rush of visitors in the morning.

Dinner is provided either at the hotel or in a local restaurant.

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Jokes That I Don’t Find Funny At All

He guys! As you know I’m an Italian humorist, I admit that I’m an old guy and I hate the young generations understanding of “humor”. To get what I mean just look at the below examples that nowadays boys find it funny!!

It doesn’t mean I don’t get the new kind of jokes smart but I’m more incline to like jokes that includes sarcasm and brain in it…







Ahh enough, right!! I’m a huge fan of Italian humor but I’m not going to share them with you, I’m holding them to myself :) Though if you’re curious about what they are sent me an email, I’ll think about it.

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